Decades of artistic exploration in a wide variety of styles and media have lead me to a unique career path: simply noticing the goodness in people, then getting this on paper in a meaningful way.

No two people are alike, and yet deep down we're all the same. I love being able to express this idea, and get really into it, with a blend of flowing lines and gestural shading.

These "minimalist speed-portraits" are my way of paying tribute to the people seated across from me. I'm able to include essential detail and subtle shading in under five minutes. When a crowd gathers, I'll draw a bit looser, in exchange for extra speed.

I now draw on custom-cut, 11" x 15" acid-free (for added archival quality), premium card stock. (11" x 14" is a standard frame size, so the extra inch of height allows for a bit of play, to get the image perfectly centered.) Each one goes into a protective poly bag, to ensure a safe trip home.